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You Just Mad Cause You Got Caught: My Sunday Night (True Story)

So I was just hanging out with my friend Alex, I was told recently that his older brother Jack had some problems. Jack had been seeing a counsler because he was touched by an older girl when he was younger. The counsler told Jack that the emotion love was almost impossible for him to feel, which explained why he was such a player. Me being me, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing any part of the story. So I asked his brother if it was true. Basically Alex got mad because it wasn’t true. It never happened to Jack, and It was of his many tricks to get sympathy from girls. Later my other friends came back from a concert and I told them. They all told Alex not to confront Jack about it, for it would only cause drama. Alex told Jack 30 minutes later. Jack ran up to me saying “How could you be so stupid? Seriously? Out of all the stupidest things you’ve done this really takes the cake.” I told him I was sorry so many times I can’t count. Then he asked who told me, I had to tell him it was Susan. We all went on the boulevard to talk. Jack stayed back and Joel went to talk to him. Alex then started accusing me of starting everything. Wow, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the one who told Jack. Alex told Susan that I had started a rumour that Jack was molested. Susan knew the truth, she told him that it wasn’t a rumour because she heard it from Jack herself. Joel came back. “He admitted the story was made up. But he’s a hard person to read, so I think he’s lying.” He told us. “I think I would know if my brother was at a counsler saying he can’t love.” Alex said.

Joel left to talk to Jack again, Alex kept accusing me of startng everything and how this was my fault. Susan eventually scolded Alex for lying. This wasn’t something Alex was used to, so he started acting nice. When I told my friend later that night she said she never belived Jack, and it was hard to Sympathize for him. Finally, people were on my side. It felt good, and now I have to go have a little chat with them about last night. This should be fun. Questions, Comments?