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You Just Mad Cause You Got Caught: My Sunday Night (True Story)

So I was just hanging out with my friend Alex, I was told recently that his older brother Jack had some problems. Jack had been seeing a counsler because he was touched by an older girl when he was younger. The counsler told Jack that the emotion love was almost impossible for him to feel, which explained why he was such a player. Me being me, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing any part of the story. So I asked his brother if it was true. Basically Alex got mad because it wasn’t true. It never happened to Jack, and It was of his many tricks to get sympathy from girls. Later my other friends came back from a concert and I told them. They all told Alex not to confront Jack about it, for it would only cause drama. Alex told Jack 30 minutes later. Jack ran up to me saying “How could you be so stupid? Seriously? Out of all the stupidest things you’ve done this really takes the cake.” I told him I was sorry so many times I can’t count. Then he asked who told me, I had to tell him it was Susan. We all went on the boulevard to talk. Jack stayed back and Joel went to talk to him. Alex then started accusing me of starting everything. Wow, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the one who told Jack. Alex told Susan that I had started a rumour that Jack was molested. Susan knew the truth, she told him that it wasn’t a rumour because she heard it from Jack herself. Joel came back. “He admitted the story was made up. But he’s a hard person to read, so I think he’s lying.” He told us. “I think I would know if my brother was at a counsler saying he can’t love.” Alex said.

Joel left to talk to Jack again, Alex kept accusing me of startng everything and how this was my fault. Susan eventually scolded Alex for lying. This wasn’t something Alex was used to, so he started acting nice. When I told my friend later that night she said she never belived Jack, and it was hard to Sympathize for him. Finally, people were on my side. It felt good, and now I have to go have a little chat with them about last night. This should be fun. Questions, Comments?

No Name: Prolouge to Mid- Chapter One. PLEASE READ

PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING STORY!!! I am aware of the several spelling errors, THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT. I still have to add paragraphs, proof read copy will be posted soon. Due date for Chpater One is Tuesday July 10th.

Summary: Some kids hear about recent kidnappings and decide to investigate.

Place: N/A

Characters: N/A


She kept running from the faceless man, or was he a man? Whatever it was she kept running, not daring to look behind her. She tripped, she fell hard and fast onto the cold path. She crawled away whimpering. She got up onto her feet and sprinted, she felt like throwing up, but she had to escape. It didn’t take her a while to notice she was running in circles. She collapsed to the ground. The sweat poured down her face like a waterfall and made a pool on the dirt. She was gasping for air. It had to be gone,  the thing was bound to be elsewhere. She pushed up of the hard surface, sharp pieces of rock entered her palms as she did. Her muscles quivered as she used all her strength to get up. She stood forward, and slowly turned around. It was gone, she let out a sigh of relief. She turned back forwards, only to her disbelief the tall, faceless, thing was standing not only 5 feet away from her. She let out a terrifying shreik as she crashed to her knees. More hard rock plunged into her flesh. The darkness of the park closed in on her as the creature advanced. Her body went cold and dark and heavy bags circled around her eyes. Her skin tone went pale. She was hypnotized by the two slight indentations as of which eye sockets would be placed. Four more long spider like arms came from the abdomen of the tall, long, skinny, faceless, tuxedoed man. A black mist surrounded him and engulfed the girl into itself. AA slight light appeared, heaven? Suddenly she became weightless and millions of faceless children young and old appeared. Right then the feeling of painful suction appeared on her face. She tried to react by holding her face but she was paralyzed.  She felt every excruitating piece of her face being sucked off. The only light that was left disappeared as she was eaten by the darkness and lost forever.

"Another missing girl?" Susanna asked in shock. "What is that, second time this week?"  She put down the article about the suspicious vanishing of two young girls, which made front cover this week.  Joe signaled to pass the newspaper. He brought up the page to his face and began to read out loud. "Koleman Kidnapper Naps Again. The recently infamous ‘Koleman Kidnapper’ has claimed another victim this weekend. 15 year old Stacy Moladee of  Washington Drive has disappeared after last being seen alone near Koleman Park late Saturday night. She was coming back from a friends house after hours of studying. Ms. Moladee is 5’4 light brown eyes, dark brown hair that goes to her shoulders, very athletic, and weighs approximately 118 pounds. Family and friends say Stacy has always been one for adventure, so it was no surprise that she would go wondering through the cities most recent crime scene, Koleman Park. Throughout the last month 5 children between the ages 10 and 17 have last  been seen in the vicinity of Koleman Park. Since the park is so large it is almost impossible to block of the whole 7.5 miles of land Koleman Park provides. Authorities ask if please pedestrians would not enter Koleman Park or go out alone as long as the possible killer is lose. More information is given at our website. More on this story on page A4." Joe finished. "Short article." The room seemed to have dropped in temperature. "Do you guys have plans tonight?" Ariel smiled. The whole group eyed each other. "It’s dangerous, plus the place will be swarming with cops." Susanna shot out in fear. "So? 7.5 miles of land. At least half of that is unblocked." Emily pointed out. "They even said so them selfs. Plus if we do see him then run, police can’t be less than a mile away. We’ll have helped stop a creep!"

"Or we could just get arrested for trespassing and messing around with a crime scene." Susanna told them in her defense." It’s dangerous out there, I don’t want to be raped." Susanna looked down in deep thought. Joe stepped fourth. "Susanna, we have something the other kids didn’t have. Three other people, they were all last seen alone." He explained to her. Susanna looked back up, the sense of thought gone from her eyes. She looked at Ariel and Emily, then back to Joe. There was a long silence as Susanna thought up what to say. "I’m not going in the park, I’m staying on Koleman Ave." She said nervously. 

"Then you’re more likely to be killed." Ariel spoke. Susanna’s eyes shot up to her in fear. "But I won’t be alone." She protested. Joe rolled his eyes. "Susanna, we’re going in the park. If you don’t come in you’ll probably get napped." Joe sat down as he said it. Susanna’s hands went to her face. "I’m not going." She said as she put her hands down on her lap. She let out a heavy sigh. "Fine, but your missing out on a killer time." Emily chuckled. The whole room laughed except for Susanna who tried to contain her amusement behind the screen of her IPod Touch. As the group settled down Ariel raised a question. "What time do we leave?"

"I can tell my Mom I’m having a sleepover at your place and then we can meet Joe by on the corner of 75th. So i’d say around midnight, no later because my Dad gets up around one to work." Emily said.

"Sounds good, my parents usually go to sleep by 11:00. I should be OK." Joe confirmed the plan. "We need weapons."

"I have a stick." Emily offered.

"I have some rocks." Ariel joked back. "But seriously, weapons? We have feet, we can run." Joe’s shoulder’s dropped, he thought they were stupid for not wanting to bring weapons. "Fine, but wear dark clothing and quiet shoes. No flip flops!" He made himself very clear on ‘No flip flops’. Susanna knew she wanted to go, but she was afraid of the consequences. Out of the whole group she was the most responsible one. She felt like she was the only one who knew the real dangers of what her friends were about to do. Susanna had to make a decision before midnight, which was only 3 short hours away. Then she thought of something, the place will be swarming with police. They might not even get within 10 feet of the park. Plus this kidnapper was just a guy, and the four of them were strong. She was still afraid, but in the end, she would have reason too.



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i think they actually screwed this one up. cos “loves you back” already means its mutual, it should be “loves you” 



i think they actually screwed this one up. cos “loves you back” already means its mutual, it should be “loves you” 


Why couldn’t my life be normal(er)

Instead of suicidal friends
Annoying neighbors
Stalk Cars with Stalker Chick
And me on the brink of insanity

Oh, I have this feud going with the L.A. Unified School District, because I keep getting these phone calls saying my daughter keeps missing classes, I mean, at all hours of the night, I had like, two calls this morning and I keep calling saying I haven’t got a daughter! I’m 19! I mean, the 90’s were a blur but I don’t think I was impregnating anyone when I was two. I’m gonna find this girl and get her ass to school!
Chris Colfer

Omg. Love